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  • chevron_rightWhere are all of the Amenities and Pet Waste Stations?
  • chevron_rightWhat does 'POA' stand for?
    'POA' stands for property owner's association. The South Harbour Property Owner's Association is a legal entity that each property owner in the community becomes a member of when they agree to buy their home. The association is responsible for the upkeep of the common areas, financial management, covenant and rule enforcement, and management of the neighborhood.
  • chevron_rightWhy is there a homeowner's association Board of Directors?
    The board of directors is required by the South Harbour Declaration of Restrictions and the Articles of Incorporation. These documents stipulate that there be elected board members who each serve three-year terms. In the absence of elected board members, others can be appointed by the board to serve the remainder of the open seat's term.
  • chevron_rightWho can serve on the Board of Directors?
    Anyone can serve as a Director as long as they are in good standing with the POA. Individuals who volunteer their time to run for the Board of Directors or to serve on a committee are people who have the time to serve the community. This service is strictly voluntary and there is no compensation for one's efforts except for the fruits of his/her labors shown at the end of the year.
  • chevron_rightWho are my Board of Directors, and how do I contact them?
    A nine member volunteer board of directors runs the association. Each director serves a three-year term. Three directors are replaced each year and are voted on at the annual meeting.
    Visit this link for a List of Board of Directors:
  • chevron_rightWhen are the Board meetings and who can attend? 
    Monthly board meetings are open to residents. These meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at the clubhouse. The first half-hour of the meeting is reserved to listen to input from residents. If you would like to see what they are doing for SHPOA or have input, plan to attend one of these meetings.
    South Harbour Calendar:
  • chevron_rightWho votes and when do they vote for the officers of the homeowner's association?
    The annual POA meeting takes place on the first Monday in March every year. The Board of directors will send a reminder to all homeowners prior to the meeting. All homeowners who are present, or by proxy, are eligible to vote on matters concerning association business, including election of officers. Homeowners must be in good standing with the POA in order to vote, but they may attend the meeting.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the responsibilities of the Board of Directors?
    The South Harbour POA Board of Directors consists of homeowners democratically elected by other homeowners. Elections to the Board are held at the South Harbour POA annual meeting, and members serve three year terms. The Board representatives have a fiduciary duty to use good business judgment and to put the best interests of the entire community ahead of their own personal interests.
    The Board is empowered to make all of the operational decisions affecting the community association, with the exception of certain powers which are specified in the governing documents and reserved exclusively for the membership (such as approval of special assessments or increases to annual assessments above a particular amount, or election of directors).
    The Board is required to comply with all mandates cited in the governing documents, and should represent the collective needs and desires of the membership. The Board usually has the authority to determine the broad range of quality and quantity of services provided by or for the association. For example, if the governing documents state the association shall be responsible for the maintenance of the grounds, the Board may either select a contractor to perform a minimal level of service, or hire a full-time on-site grounds crew to provide the highest level of care - choices which result in a correspondingly wide-range of costs to members.
    One of the most important functions of the Board is to establish the organizational structure for the community association. The organizational structure determines a chain of command to specifically assign the tasks and duties of the community association to a management team and committees of the Board. The management team may consist of a combination of volunteers, paid employees, or a contract management company and its subsidiary firms. Once established, the organizational structure should not be changed unless significant improvements or changes are needed. 
    The Board is ultimately responsible for the oversight of the community association. Although the Board may retain and delegate some of its duties to volunteers, contractors and professionals, the Board is still ultimately responsible for the duties it may have assigned to others.

  • chevron_rightDo board members receive compensation for their work?
    Board members are volunteers, and do not receive any compensation for their time. If they incur expenses for the association, they can ask to be reimbursed.
  • chevron_rightOur Streetlight is not working? 
    Please call Duke to report street lights out at 1-800-343-3525, or go to
    Let’s keep our streetlights burning for aesthetics and safety!
  • chevron_rightMy street needs snow plowed. How do I get this done? 
    South Harbour is in the city limits of Noblesville, so the city is responsible for plowing our streets. You may see smaller plow trucks in the area, but those are contracted by the city. Please call the Noblesville Street Department, 317-776-6348, to get your streets plowed.
  • chevron_rightWhen are Harbour Talk Articles due? 
    The monthly Harbour Talk newsletter is the official publication of South Harbour. Any resident is encouraged to submit articles to the Harbour Talk. Please send them to by the 10th of the month. 
    For example, if you want your article in the October newsletter, then it is due by Sept 10. 
  • chevron_rightHow can I make an architectural request?
    Architectural request forms can be printed from this website, or downloaded onto your computer for future use. This form is located on our documents page.
    Click this link to view the form:
  • chevron_rightWhat can I expect if I change something without prior approval?
    The board's desire is to work with the homeowner to prevent problems from surfacing. However, the following procedures have been developed in case they are needed:
    •   If a covenant violation or unapproved change is observed by the board of directors or the management company, the management company will send a letter to the homeowner, giving him/her time to correct the violation(s).
    •   If the violation(s) is not corrected then two additional letters are sent to the homeowner, giving him/her additional time to correct the violation(s).
    •   If the violation(s) remains uncorrected after the third letter, the matter may be turned over to the association's attorney, who will send a letter with an invoice for his time to the homeowner.
    •   Once the homeowner receives notification from the association's attorney, s/he may be required to pay the attorney's fees, and correct the violation.
  • chevron_rightHow do I replace my mailbox?
    Your mailbox and post must match the others on your street. Please call the South Harbour Office to help take care of this.
  • chevron_rightI want to install a fence on my property. Can I do this?
    Section 6.27
    Fences of the CCRs provide the official guidance on fences allowed in the community. Prior to fence installation homeowners must submit and receive approval from the Architectural Committee [form].
    Additionally, the City of Noblesville has fence permitting requirements. To apply for a fence permit, homeowners should visit the Noblesville Planning Department (16 S. 10th Street; Noblesville) to obtain a permit application and waiver. Completed applications should be returned to the Planning Department, along with the following items: (1) a notarized copy of the waiver (note: most banks provide notary services); (2) a copy of your plot with the fence location sketched on it; (3) the current recorded deed record (can be obtained from the Hamilton County Recorder); and (4) a $25 application fee. If you do not have a copy of the plot you can obtain this from the Planning Department once you provide your address and/or lot number.
    According to the Hamilton County Surveyor's Office, homeowners must determine if their property has any easements on it. If the easements are regulated, then homeowners must contact the Hamilton County Surveyor’s Office (317.776.8495) for the requirements to place the fence within the easement. If the easement is for a County Regulated Drain, any encroachment into the easement must be approved by the Drainage Board. If not, homeowners should consult the planning jurisdiction where they live.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the policy on TV Satellite Dishes from companies such as DirectTv and Dish Network? 
    We usually like to be involved in the placement of these dishes, however a DCC request form is not required. The installer will take into consideration two items when positioning the dish: 1) Direct line to a satellite 2) Hiding it from view of other neighbors and the street. As you install your dish, be conscious of its placement in terms of the beauty of the neighborhood.
  • chevron_rightWhat is Developmental Control Committee, or DCC?
    Developmental Control Committee restrictions are designed to maintain the aesthetic harmony of the community, and to protect property values. When the community was first constructed, it conveyed a certain look and feel to provide design consistency - which made it easy for the initial developer to market the community to prospective homeowners. Over time, residents will make modifications to the exteriors of their homes - whether necessary or not - such as changing the paint color or roofing materials, and the addition of landscaping, fences, decks, and play areas. Without a developmental standard, these gradual changes can easily affect the appearance of the community. These gradual changes may be perceived as weakening the spirit of common design and neighborhood aesthetic, which can then affect property values.
    Appearance is not only limited to upgrades or changes, but also to neglect. Not everyone takes pride in the appearance of their home and yard. Imagine how you would feel to live next door to a home where the grass was not cut and the landscaping consisted of dead bushes, paint that is peeling on the house, and an old trailer with a torn tarp parked in the street. DCC standards help ensure that this situation does not happen with your neighbors, so that everyone's property values are protected.
  • chevron_rightWhat types of items require review by the DCC Committee?
    DCC Committee (DCC board member and 2 other residents) approval is required for any exterior changes, including additions or modifications to the original home structure. If you are thinking of installing or replacing a fence, repairing or adding a sunroom, building a backyard deck, adding a shed, or making other modifications to the home structure you must obtain approval from the developmental review committee before work begins. This is to ensure that all work complies with the original design and scheme of the community, and to help maintain everyone's property values.
    If you are unsure whether pre-approval is necessary, it is best to check first. You can call the office at 317-773-1711, or email Changes/modifications that do not comply with the community's design and scheme will be addressed by the board, and may result in litigation.
  • chevron_rightWhere are all of the Common Areas?
  • chevron_rightWhere is your community located?
  • chevron_rightDoes your community have a clubhouse?
    Yes! And it is available to rent for South Harbour Property Owners.
    Find out more here:
  • chevron_rightCan only residents of South Harbour rent the clubhouse?
    Yes. This is one of the many benefits of owning a home in South Harbour.
  • chevron_rightDoes your community have a pool?
    Yes. South Harbour also employs a professional pool management company with monitors and/or lifeguards who are present at the pool during pool hours; who help maintain the pool and surrounding facilities; and who enforce official pool rules and help maintain order among and for the pool patrons.
  • chevron_rightCan the shelter at the park be used for private events?
    Technically, the shelter house can be used for private use by any resident on a first come basis.  
  • chevron_rightHow much are your association dues?
    Our current (2020) association dues are $430.00 annually, payable on March 1 of each year. Dues are considered late if not paid by April 1.
  • chevron_rightWhat services does the association provide?
    • Property Management: The board is the primary point of contact for most homeowner issues. This person can help the homeowner with architectural requests, billing questions, and other homeowner inquiries. The board also obtains bids and provides oversight during contract negotiations for capital improvements in the community.
    • Common Area Maintenance: The association is responsible for fertilization of common areas, treatment of any lakes, mowing and replanting of the grass and trees when necessary, and maintenance of any other improvement within the Common Area, including any pool.
    • Signage: The association is responsible for maintenance of any entrance signs; permanent subdivision identification sign; trails, mounding, and landscaping installed by the association in any common area; landscape easement; landscape maintenance easement; or landscape maintenance access easement.
    • Street Lights: The association is responsible for maintenance of any street lights installed by the association, and which are not located on any lot.
    • Board of Directors Meetings: Once a year the board will conduct the annual South Harbour Property Owners Meeting. Special meetings will also be called as the need arises, such as for community concerns, special assessments, etc.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the typical homeowner responsibilities in your community?
    When someone purchases a home in South Harbour, a deed restriction on that property provides that the property owner automatically becomes a member of the Deer Path Homeowners Association, and continues to be a member of the association until they no longer own the property.
    Just as the homeowners association has certain responsibilities to its members, the members also have certain legal responsibilities to the homeowners association. These responsibilities can typically be categorized into three areas
    Comply with deed restrictions in the governing documents and rules & regulations adopted by the Board
    • Comply with the architectural control restrictions
    • Pay the homeowners proportionate share of the expenses to operate the association.
  • chevron_rightHow can I request more information?
    Additional information is available from our board of directors: Click Here